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Welcome to my personal photo gallery. I place here my photos from free flight competitions and travels. More information about free flight and especially about class F1A you can find at my homepage

I recommended to use Mozilla Firefox 3 web browser, because it respects CSS specifications. Note that the page layout may be different in other web browsers. You can use a tree navigation for fast access to the desired gallery page. On the image page, left and right cursor key can be used for loading previous and next images. You can select a color style in the footnote section.

About the Gallery

There are plenty of web galleries on the Internet, but mostly they don't comply my demands. Some of them are hard to install, some can't work with camera informations. They use mostly a web clickable interface for placing images and comments to a database.

My idea was a bit different, so I decided to make my own gallery. I don't use any database. I have all images in a directory structure. Each gallery folder includes a simple text file with title, description, etc. I upload these directories to a server easily by FTP. Then I have some PHP scripts that generates HTML pages by client demand. Thanks to that, I separate images from visualization. I use EXIF image section for storing image comments. So comments are included in the image file not in a gallery page. The code includes also some JavaScript for tree navigation and keyboard press capturing.

The gallery is still in a developing phase. I hope in the future I will clean the code, write a documentation and place it here for download.

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Free Flight Competitions
Images from competitions in classes F1A, F1B and F1C.
My personal photos from my trips.
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